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Recipe For Disaster

Native Americans generally ate a healthy, varied diet when they were free to do so. Foods included wild berries, fishes of all kinds, pigeons and ducks, bread made from nutritious wild grasses like pigweed and dropseed, and sweeteners from agave … Continue reading

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Labeled Inferior

Labels such as Native Americans, American Indians, First Peoples, and other names for the indigenous people of the American continent, are an attempt to repudiate the negative terms frequently used in the past. During the period when the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians … Continue reading

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Are You Smarter Than An Indian?

In 1905  Alfred Binet (1857-1911) commonly known as the “father” of IQ testing, developed techniques to assess intelligence in primary grade children who were not successful in normal classrooms. Binet chose a series of 30 short tasks with simple instructions, … Continue reading

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