Searching for Canton Asylum Patients

This is an out-of-schedule post to ask for information about Canton Asylum patients transferred to St. Elizabeths in 1933, for a projected memorial. If you have any information about them, particularly about their lives before they were in Canton Asylum, we would both appreciate it. If you’d like to provide any details, you may simply reply to this post or send information to a private email at:

Joanna, Augusta

Bear, Frank

Charlie (only name)

Charley or Charles, Creeping

Dauphinais, Madeline

Ensign, Meda

Fairbanks, Richard

Jackson, Robert

Kalonuheskie, Edith

Rising Fire, Bessie

Shortwoman, Sarah

Tsinnjinnie, Mabel

Vigil, Fidel

Yazza, Zonna or Sonna

Yazzie, Hoskee

Thank you.



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