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1904 Sioux Valley News

1904 Sioux Valley News

The Sioux Valley News, Canton’s weekly newspaper, delivered both national and local news. It kept its readers abreast of world affairs, and also reported the goings-on of Canton citizens in detail, going far beyond important events like births and deaths. On February 10, 1913, the paper reported:

— A blue card on the A. B. Carlson residence notifies the passing public that “Laddie” has the measles.

— I. O. Steensland and John Marston on last Monday shipped sixty head of extra fine cattle to Chicago.

— Rev. F. G. Wood pastor of the Baptist church held a religious service at the Indian Asylum on last Sunday afternoon, which was very much enjoyed and appreciated by the Asylum management and inmates as well.

— E. D. Warner has been entertaining LaGrippe [the flu] for a week. So attentive has he been to his guest that he has not been out of the house during his guest’s stay.

— The Misses Marguerite Brethorst, Susanna Avery, Tena Gedstad and Grace Lewison, of Lennox, were in Canton Monday, and took in “A Comedy of Errors” at the Kennedy opera house.

East Side of Main Street, Canton, SD circa 1912

East Side of Main Street, Canton, SD circa 1912

5th Street, looking east, Canton, S.D., 1907

5th Street, looking east, Canton, SD 1907


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