Black Indians

Black Indians

Black Indians

Native Americans in the Five Civilized Tribes sometimes owned African slaves. The Cherokee freed their slaves in 1866 and gave them full tribal citizenship. These former slaves were called tribal Freedmen.

Many Freedmen lived as Native Americans through the ensuing years, having adopted their culture and languages.

Today, Freedmen face roadblocks in tribal enrollment, since proving their bloodline depends upon the 1906 census called the Dawes Roll, which excluded Freedmen. This proof of bloodline is very important, since it is required to qualify for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood. The CDIB and tribal membership entitles the holder to Native American monies and benefits.  

Black Indian Family

Black Indian Family



3 thoughts on “Black Indians

  1. Carla Joinson

    I’m afraid I don’t know of any specific site that might help, but perhaps you can contact a tribal website for some leads. I did not get involved in tracing people outside the archives I researched–which had very little information about individuals, unfortunately. I wish you luck in your search.

  2. Tina Martinez

    I am researching my family tree per my grandmother we are decendants of the Chickasaw Native Americans. Im at a roadblock trying to find information about this. Is there a site that i can go to for information, im very curious to find out. Thank u!

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